8 Benefits for Charcoal Mask

8 Benefits for Charcoal Mask

Here are the Benefits of Charcoal for Skin:

1. Flawless Skin:

Cosmetic companies worldwide have used Activated charcoal as an active ingredient.

  • To begin with, it has more strength when it comes to oil control.
  • Activated charcoal also helps remove dirt, grime and dead skin cells from the deeper layers of the skin.

2. Treats Acne:

Most DIY products and homemade beauty recipes are made from Activated charcoal.

  • Like we’ve mentioned before, activated charcoal absorbs the excess oil from the skin, thus unclogging the pores in turn. This is why; even most acne products available commercially have Activated charcoal in it.
  • It maintains the pH levels of the skin.
  • There are no acne and pimple scars left behind too.

3. Treats Oily Skin:

Skin experts would recommend the use of Activated charcoal based face washes, cleansers, lotions and facial scrubs or masks to treat oily skin issues. Activated charcoal when it comes in touch with the skin, would go ahead and vacuum the dirt and grime out of the skin. And this process would thus suck out the excess oil from the skin as well. In the end, you would have a look which is oil-free and without an unhealthy greasy shine too.

4. Gently Exfoliates:

  • If you have an outdoor job and are moving from one place to another, chances are that the dirt, grime and the dead skin cells would settle.
  • Gently exfoliate the skin with activated charcoal and remove the dirt and grime. Activated charcoal acts as an exfoliating agent, that helps brighten the skin, by gently removing all the sediments on the skin.

5. Clears Blackheads:

What are blackheads? Blackheads happen when the dirt and the grime or the dead skin cells enter the hair follicles or the pores and settle there. This doesn’t allow the sebum to flow out and hence a mound is created. This is why estheticians use face packs and scrubs, made from Activated charcoal. The Activated charcoal vacuums and sucks out the dirt from the pores, and gives it a deep cleansing treatment. This leaves behind soft, supple and clean skin with shrunken pores too.

6. Clears Blemishes:

Another benefit of using Activated charcoal would be that it gives you skin sans scars and marks, or blemishes. If you do have scars and blemishes or dark spots behind, the right facial scrub or face pack using Activated charcoal will help fade it away over time.

7. Anti-Agieng:

Activated charcoal can help deal with signs of ageing by boosting blood circulation, enhancing collagen and elastin production; in turn, bringing down issues of ageing, such as skin wrinkles, discoloration and pigmentation, crow feet, fine lines etc.

8. Skin Tightening and Firming:

As we age, the first signs of ageing seen apart from wrinkles and fine lines would be the sagging of our skin. Activated charcoal has been recommended and used by skin aestheticians over decades for tighter and firmer skin to have.

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