White Sage Stick

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Sage sticks are used for purifying the atmosphere, dispersing negativity, protecting. Smudges put out a lot of soothing smoke. Very refreshing, relaxing, clearing like traveling through the clouds. Potent and purifying. To burn a smudge stick just light the tip, blow it out, and either wave in the air.

Our white sage sticks are essential for cleansing and 100% natural hand-tied sustainably sourced. White sage incense is said to help improve sleep quality cognitive function remove negative energy and chakra cleansing.

Let it burn for a few seconds before lightly blowing the flame out. Waft the smoke around your home to clear surrounding energies and invite peace and positivity into space.
Our sage comes in a pack of 3.


  • Can bring prayers into heaven.
  • The white sage stick makes the body cleansed.
  • The burning scent of white sage can calm the mind.

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